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All public documents from the study will be available below. If you experience any download issue, contact us at

02/07/2024: 2nd hybrid stakeholder meeting

Slides presented at the meeting

Minutes of the meeting will be available here when finalised

Deadline for written comments and inputs: 30 July 2024

Please contact the study team for later submission of comments and inputs on Phase 2.

Data on Bill of Materials can optionally be provided in the Ecoreport Tool and submitted to the study team.

Send to: 

For comments on the draft Phase 1 report, see below.

11/06/2024: Ecodesign materials and recycled content Phase 1-final draft report

Download report in PDF

Please use the stakeholder commenting form for comments on the report

Download stakeholder commenting form Excel

Deadline for written comments and inputs: 30 July 2024 

Send to: 

19/10/2023: 1st online stakeholder meeting 

Slides presented at the 1st online stakeholder meeting 

Minutes of the meeting

Deadline for written comments and inputs: 24 November 2023

Send to: 

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